Beloit Wisconsin Small Business Web Hosting

First class small business web hosting solutions from America's dairyland!

Small Business Hosting

Email Hosting

Only $59.99 Per Year

Includes a domain name with annual payment
100MB space + Unlimited Bandwidth

50 Email inboxes.
This plan allows unlimited addon domains as well as free website caching

Business Website Hosting

Basic Hosting

Only $89.99 Per Year

Includes a domain name with annual payment as well as an extra month of service
200MB space + Unlimited Bandwidth

100 Email inboxes

This plan also allows for unlimited addon domains, caching and includes various e-commerce features for small businesses

Corporate Website Hosting

Ecommerce Hosting

Only $129.99 Per Year

Includes a domain name with annual payment as well as two months of extra service
500MB space + Unlimited Bandwidt

200 Email inboxes
This plan allows for unlimited addon domains, caching, e-commerce tools and business class storage options.

Hosting for Businesses of All Sizes
Whether you're looking for small business hosting or hosting for a large corporate site, we've got you covered! We have server capacity for all different types of hosting, including large corporate website. No matter what kind of business hosting you need, you'll find it here!

Linux LogoLinux and Windows Servers
We have both Linux and Windows business class servers available so that you can use whatever hosting platform you're comforatble with. Either way, we've got you covered.

No Business is too Small!
We won't turn away a mom and pop business just because they need a small hosting plan. We're happy to work with small sole proprietors and also with large companies. Every hosting customer is important to us, no matter the size of their business!


We've got features that are tailored to business owners!

Lorem ipsumIf you're hosting an e-commerce small business website, it's improtant to make sure that you have access to an SSL in order to secure transaction on your site. We can work with you to help you get your website set up and configured properly for e-commerce in a secure environment.

In addition to SSLs used for e-commerce, we can help you set up an SSL for any reason because we believe that the more secure a site is, the better!

Lorem ipsumWe us the latest software including cPanel, PHP, Apache, and a variety of other software tools that are tailored to small businesses. In addition to the latest back end software, we're also experts at hosting business website on WordPress and other content management systems. Whether you need to connect a small business site developed on WordPress to a SQL database or some other type of custom database, we've got you covered. Our technology is top-notch and we're always making sure that we're constantly updating both our software and hardware as new technologies emerge. If you're looking for the most up to date information on small business web hosting trends, make sure to check out Web Hosting Buddy. They're run by a stand-up team of people who are really dedicated to providing the best hosting breakdowns on the internet. You can check out their small business breakdown page at for a complete guide.

Proud to be in Beloit, Wisconsin!
Contrary to many other hosting companies that are owned and managed overseas, Beloit Business Web Hosting is proud to be in Beloit Wisconsin in the midwest where values and work ethics are strong! You can be sure that we'll work hard for your business and work just as hard to keep it!